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yup, always yell "vamos" when you win
Spirit vs Movistar Riders
MDL is rider's Kingsdom, ez for Riders PS: why mirage? Riders wanna give us another heart-attack
Spanish people come here
Oh please, every party has their own members of shame Podemos were linked with Maduro's dictatorship There was a time were PSOE created a secret 'gang' who killed people Who were suspect of being te...
Spanish people come here
Feminism Unidos=we are united But unidos is the maculine form and generic way which includes guys and Girls Unidas is the feminine way, It is the more stupid way to say: hey, Im feminist...
Spanish people come here
Well, it depends of who you are. Maybe someone you love has a cancer and you have to pay for the treatment or public education is no longer a choice because you wanna give your kids the BEST education...
Spanish people come here
Lower taxes but reduce social expenditure
Spanish people come here
well, they aren't as bad as media want to picture them. Surely they have some radical policies like kicking out all illegal inmigrants or removing laws which benefict women when they are scared cuz th...
r8 Indian Girl
Thats why It is wrong
r8 Indian Girl
Yup, thanks
r8 Indian Girl
I did something wrong, here you can see It better: 0/0= =10*0/0= And now i cancelled out the 0's =10 If you cancelled 0/0 like this, everyone Will notice, BUT (1-1)/(1-1) is harder to see Hope this ...
r8 Indian Girl
0/0= =(10-10)/(1-1)= =10*(1-1)/(1-1)= 10 Are you saying she is a 10?
Death Penalty
The main problem with death penalty is the justice system, which is not perfect. When someone is jailed, there is a high chance he did it, but there are people in jail who are innocent. Would you kill...
Queso vs Giants
In kpi, He even won the mvp for the regular season in esl Spain!