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-Art + KNG
-arT e a Furia não é o melhor time nem do Brasil, a cara desse time é o arT, ele vem se destacando como IGL faz tempo... Ainda que o kNg seja um awper melhor, o nível do time decairia absurdos se cola...
Kscerato lol
worst pro nickname?
Luminosity EZ fix:
Why is LG appearing on the ESL Pro League team list? Didn't they got demoted?
Felps and Taco
Mouse settings?
razer krait 2013 1200 DPI. In-game 1.0 W: 6/11 Supreme master, lvl 17 gamersclub
It's a meme of Brazilian Football Championship, even though I'm Brazilian I don't understand this meme. Idk how it came out but it sounds like something funny Ronaldinho said during the interview.
best player in future
Kscerato, no doubt.
retarded in ur language
bait king, congratz
Why MIBR wont win anything
because there's a fucking Astralis in the tournament, no team wins anything with them in the tournament LUL
NTC--------> INTZ
By far the worst team of ESL Pro League, they should celebrate if don't stay on the last place. #saveFelps
I need to agree with u, that's the easiest path to finals because mibr will be facing S1mple's team, the most fake top 1 player in the world, ez4cold. #cryisfree mibr easiest path facing #1 Astralis,...
how to sleep 8 hours straight
But it's a way better than take generic drugs, you will only have side effects if taken in the long term, you can use that to control your circadian rhythm and then take a break.
What team would you make with each player from just one country?
Look at the #1 comment
What team would you make with each player from just one country?