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Sri Lanka
Nah mate, If you look at all the terrorist attacks done my muslims, ISIS will claim it as their own without any fucking proof. Also maybe I'm wrong, and maybe this was really ISIS but they have falsel...
Sri Lanka
No its Illinois Sexist Inverted Sensors. Plant them is churches, they just blow up .
Sri Lanka
It wasn't ISIS. They'll claim any bullshit acts of terrorism as their own as long as those acts aren't against muslims. The reason to do this is to stay in the media so that their sleeper cells or the...
Sri Lanka
I agree calling people autistic is just as bad. And an insult to autistic people who have a higher IQ than both of these combined.
Sri Lanka
bEtTer coUNtrY tHAn iNDiA
Apex Overrated
Dude, unless you are a fake flagger I feel sorry about your loss. May there be peace! #prayforsrilanka
Your phone
Moto g5splus. The only problem I have is that it frequently keeps getting disconnected with the wifi and switches to data.
Liberals/leftists on hltv?
Does a Muslim follow the Sharia law or the law of the state he lives in? Isn't it mentioned in the holy scriptures muslims that the state law is more important? Also what will be the restrictions imp...
AUG $3800
They were so used to playing with Ak's on the T-side without really caring about angles before that they cannot register the AUG impact now. Literally no argument except "iT's A cOd gUn."
A thought about ENCE (speculation)
Apparently he can't read, just write. XD
As an mibr core fan
However one memory from Inferno from some Dreamhack event is etched in my mind. G2 were on the t-side(2nd-half) and trailing by 5-6 rounds.Had a force buy.Were chilling in mid as bottom banana was smo...
Sao paulo crowd
Yeah well you do you. Sorry for being triggered.
As an mibr core fan
We'll just have to wait and watch I guess.
As an mibr core fan
Yes I agree. Both him and felps are too aggressive.
Sao paulo crowd
Because you are calling gla1ve after a technical glitch man. And after the glitch is fixed he is still on top. Maybe call him bigforeheadla1ve for all I care but not nvidiala1ve.