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[VOD] HLTV Confirmed with guest moses: previewing PGL Major Stockholm and talking roster changes
not an analyst and not a coach, watch out for boring opinions and agreeing
Heroic players explain story
pls stop doing confusions ~ TeSeS
GamerLegion vs fnatic
smooya 24 kills 9 deaths
Fiend vs G2
fiend comeback because ct side
WOOD7, Tuurtle join MIBR on trial
good luck, giving people chances instead of recycling very nice
Evil Geniuses vs Triumph
the problem with people who dont follow na cs like yourself is that you dont really know whats going on so when things like this happen you talk rubbish
Evil Geniuses vs Triumph
holy shit it was xceed sleeping??? cmon bruh he came back to cs and was playing fpl how could you mess this up, disappointing, just no respect towards his teammates, shouldnt have dissed cxzi from twi...
Evil Geniuses vs Triumph
this isnt too surprising because 2021 triumph is an fpl mix, my guess is cxzi dodged given his reputation would be surprised if someone like xceed or bwills didnt join
Evil Geniuses vs Triumph
PGL Major Coin
Yes, the schedule is just too hectic as a team could qualify for the Major but not have enough time to have thier Visas sorted.
PGL Major Coin
For example Heroic, even if one of the players worked with Hunden (very likely) than the whole team should not be allowed to play, but they probably will because Valve let them play the IEM Fall. Bec...
PGL Major Coin
100% 2021 Collections will be replacing traditional versions Valve know nobody is opening Berlin 2019 Mirage packages to get Souvenir MAG-7 Bulldozer, but will open to get Souvenir Desert Hydra
PGL Major Coin
All RMR's end on October 10th and the Major begins October 26th,CS:GO updates typically occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so either 12th, 13th 14th or 19th 20th 21th Because Valve have limi...