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Guardian joining Na'Vi
Do you think Esport will get bigger than football?
0/8 nice bait
He's talking about ratings during the event, not the last 3 months. In the event as a whole, everyone's been around the 1.0 rating.
JaCkz wtf 18+
He's been playing for a while to be honest, even played in source
Ex6TenZ Benched By GamerLegion
Which G2? Cus the most recent one of his was like, super happy with eachother, like it was literally best friends esports club or some shit. Legit every twitlonger said they loved playing with eachoth...
Mistakes I guess, but without him, they wouldnt even be in the finals in the first place.
G2 vs FaZe
The head to head missed out the period where mixwell was in the team (due to slightly different core) but they did beat FaZe during that period, in ecs s5
60 HZ VS 120 HZ VS 144 HZ
Yeah if you can't consistently stay above the monitor refresh rate, it feels really choppy. It's better when you're at like 200 fps, cus the chances of it dropping below 120 or 144 are pretty low and ...
60 HZ VS 120 HZ VS 144 HZ
I'd recommend saving up more and upgrading both your cpu (or gpu, whatever is bottlenecking your fps) and then your monitor. No point getting a high refresh rate monitor if you can't consistently stay...
Logitech G903
Rocket Jump Ninja made a video on it. He said it's one of the best mice he's ever used, alongside the G-Pro Wireless.
I guess ur rank
Pretty much, peaked at supreme
I guess ur rank
age: 18 hours: about 3k cache fav.player: kennyS or JaCkz country: United Kingdom
1. Middle 2. Medical student 3. UK 4. Macron, I guess? 5. Liquid
hottest cs pro