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Stewie2k cantonese
lidl version LMAO
China average IQ: 105
only 200 IQ (plays) here
lil pump goat
I actually like it. It much better the the other his tracks
Poland come here
The EU and Poland
hahaha you're being played fools, get rekt germans
Download Microsoft Word
Apache OpenOffice is also a good alternative for word. I used to use it for school. You open any office format with it.
Thorin rekt Fortnite
see kids, that's the definition of savage
Eminem is gonna fuck him up tho. mgk crossed the line, going personal on Em
I miss Anders and Semmler
It's not about being a traitor... would you rather keep grinding all those events to get a decent salary per month (the less you work, the less your paycheck) you whole career? or choose for a good sa...
Byali's new team ?
Idk, VP just got snachie, their best player. And i'm not sure how good this team can become now. And imo byali to good to play only tier 2 tournaments. With right people around him, you can put him an...
Byali's new team ?
He's 24
980ti vs 1070/1080
Lost of people did panic because of the release of the 2080, so if you want get a good cheap on second market, now is the time. Second hand doesn't mean it's bad. And especially when it's still under ...
So you guys think he lost it commited suicide ? I'm actually wondering what's going to happen with his youtube channel. It has lots of views and subs. Will youtube sell it ? does anyone know how that ...
Why does he deserve a good team ? You gotta work for your shit and get good. Noone is going to give you anything, you gotta earn it. If he was a such a good player he would already have a team.
Hard work
dark jokes, nice