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Thorin underrated
ikr, but not everyone can appreciate straight fire banter, a shame
"i knew this neck was a fake!"
Marshmello World Record concert
wtf is this ? cringe fucking overload....
Dick stacy autograph denied by valve
The media is more retarded and oversensitive then ever, i'm sure you noticed. It wouldn't surprise me if a "journalist" wrote a story about how cs:go is allowing sexism into their game #metoo blabla b...
Dick stacy autograph denied by valve
If they esport to grow aand get bigger, it needs to get more professional, or at least look like it is. To attract sponsors who want to splash money on it. Do you think any big company want to be asso...
[16+] GYM
hahaha may be the best b8 i've seen in 2k19 sofar
GPU overheating
do your fans actually spin when under load ? They may go off when in idle and not go on when getting a load
r8 this girl
nice smile, not a soy milk drinking fitgirl for once, solid 8/10 for me
Popcorn time
i'd rather use porn time, popcorn time's naughty brother
GERMANISTAN daily kill topic
ikr, I almost feel bad for Adolf
(18+) R8 Polish Girl
thanks dude, now google will think I like shemales and put in the "recommended"
C9 why Zellsis
you know, they said the same about about stewie2k (unexperienced etc.) he may or may not be the next best but at this point c9 have not much to lose, so why not give it a go
Circumsized or Uncircumsized?
Miss me with that gay shit
Which football club do you support?
The best club in Manchester, United ofcourse. Since Back when Van Nistelrooij was damaging goal nets in whole of Premier league
R8 this song
my god, this is awful