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Yes sometimes I think I am also born at the wrong time. But no worries mate, just continue to drink female hormone table water, educate yourself about extreme!! sexism in western europe, get rainbow ...
No Nut November Checkup
Getting Paid For Free
Yes, this statement sounded like you woke up. Still, your own words, you do nothing now! My statement, you are wasting your time, is still valid - even more drastic as you seem to be more than just a ...
18+ Neighbour Playing Piano
call the appartement owner, there are rules and if the does not apply to them she can get kicked out after a few letters. at least thats in germany the way things are handled. go the officle way fast...
100% not plastic. 100% Pure bizeps.
Getting Paid For Free
wow ... you do improve the world.
Getting Paid For Free
you applied for this job, so you must be as dry as it sounds. what a waste for an engineer. I am also an engineer, so I know that many people not even slightly interested in this profession study engi...
racist refrezh
+1 becoz rhymes Jims Schlong
your phone?
iPhone SE. Still great! 80€ and the newest 13.3 iOS! Fast in daily use and great for Super Mario Tour.
equal pay for unequal work. sound.
man you are searching for anything right? you can go full retart if you want equal pay for unequal work.
suNny addicted to flakka?
he looks like constantly with a flu or he is doing drugs. I observed that since his days in mouz. I hope he is not doing drugs.
fear of death?
firstly enjoy life then enjoy death. ez no religion needed.
racist jokes = best
yes my friend. best jokes are not racist. best jokes are about french. why? because most of them are true :D I guess you think the same about us.
racist jokes = best
too soon mate, too soon.