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what age corrupted?
ur mind is a programm the more u fill it the more ur fucked. clear ur mind and enjoy life.
Notre Dame, WTF
they burned it down cuz they want donations to pay the restoration instead of themselves, only logical reason for me. 2018 they already said they will restore this church cuz its crumbeling.
is this simulation?
our mind is not even explored yet, mayb everyone creates his own simulation in the brain and sees different dimensions.
die young?
u take the wrong drugs then. natural plant based psychedelics will give u the best times ever.
me vs mikeyyyzbieber
stop dick measure contest on hltv
desperate generation!
love your self.
why life so short?
its just old generation doesn't know better. they were raised to hold back their emotions. but i also do think the not growing up with social media etc etc makes u a happier person.
why life so short?
erin hanson
blackholes created us?
stars but what created the stars?
American rappers
Nipsey Hussle was killed by government(pharma guys), i follow him some months ago and he was doing a documentary on a black doctor that died cuz he claimed he had a cure for aids.
Things that trigger you
ppl that talk but never actually do anything.
article 13 votes?
Cuz we are dumb and believe what we have is an actual democracy.
its humans guys, humans!
cuz ppl are not happy anymore with their life and therefor look for blame in everything they can find.
its humans guys, humans!
Humanity needs to find unity again and not start pointing fingers at eachother everytime something happens. if u go back in time we all connected somehow to eachother.
[18+] sex toys for men
dont do it , it will ruin ur pleassure towards real sex.