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Sri lanka
Great job brother, Leave them alone, They'll end up in hell.
Lies who are told to you a lot.
Ah, The Christian dude is back again with attacking Islam.
Muslims = Happiest people?
These aren't Muslims, These are terrorists.
a muslim on discord
Oh let me tell you then, 1400 years ago, a lot of things that are considered "bad" nowadays was normal back then.
a muslim on discord
I do not agree with this dude, but anyway, Let me ask you a question, Do you know the difference between 1400 years ago and now?
immigrants in ur country
I'd love to inform you that Germans can also be Muslims, No I'm not talking about people born recently with German citizenship, no no, I'm talking about ethnic Germans, so, how do you send these germa...
isis is rip
Yea, For sure.
isis is rip
A retard will never accept that he is wrong, So do not try to argue with this dude.
isis is rip
Found the person that didn't read the Quran and used google (more specifically, Israeli times news).
Sweden refugees
What the hell, A user that uses common sense in hltv? I'm impressed.
Sweden refugees
Dangit, Guess I got baited, Anyway, Great bait my friend, Keep baiting for internet karma!
Sweden refugees
Sure, All your politic ideas are just as retarded as far right's ideas. Definitely one of them.
Sweden refugees
I'm not even left or far left, but hey, Thanks for assuming.
Sweden refugees
You're so funny, typical far-right fool.
Sweden refugees
Yea, Millions of Uyghur that can't leave the country, So the most that would reach Sweden would be 500k at best, 90% of the Uyghur would love to stay in China, their home country, but they can't, And ...