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valorant skin suc?
Yea it sucks not being able to sell the skins, but it’s also nice to be able to be able to get a nice complete load out for $100 vs spending $1000 just to get a decent butterfly knife
Nexa ruining NiKo
Agreed put niko as Igl and that will fix all the problems
You’ve never tried valorant before? Bro it’s free
For many of them I give it one year max
Jamppi to CS confirmed(?)
He would have to wait for valorant champions tournament depending on how his team does
Floppy to Valorant
To all the people that are surprised. It’s either that he went to play premier again being paid 5 figures or go to an easier game that pays 6 figures with a scene that’s alive
degster cheating
This guys is cheating obviously, who the heck would push lobby with awp at 1 vs 1 and looking directly at hallzerk. I knew all CIS teams cheat somehow, but this is too much
Blast predictions OG Spirit Gambit
We will see, but it was time they brought in some new talent into their team
Blast predictions OG Spirit Gambit
It’s what happens when you rely on one player to win, at least teams like Navi have electronic
Some of them would eventually go back if they were unbanned. It’s obvious players like steel enjoyed cs more
Mini or Main?
Mini in na
They haven’t won anything yet. With the org that og is, it’s safe to say they made this roster to win and not just be a top 10 team
Liquid in dire need of a roster change
I don't think they should make any changes rn since they are a new roster but if anyone has to go, it's obv grim and there isn't much debating there. The dream scenario would be to snatch brehze and z...
Bad News Bears vs Triumph
Bnb needs an org asap