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FaZe 5TH
Flusha could be a good option.
German more ugly than danish? I don't think so. Danish sounds like a retarded seal trying to communicate where the fish is.
valve update
I honestly prefer them delaying it for a day, instead of just bringing it and having 1000 gamebreaking bugs in it. This way we might only get 500 of these.
TOP 20 Snipers OF ALL TIME
Ficitional ethical dilemma
Nukes are powerful. But considering it has spread 15 years, the choice should be obvious.
Ficitional ethical dilemma
I take the bomb and fly away with the balloon. Or I just fly away. Since the virus is spreading for 15 years it is extremely unlikely that all zombies would be killed.
GuardiaN cute face XD
Would marry.
explain this shot
I think he wondered more about the kill feed.
germans help
Fuel stations usually don't take 500€ bills. Try a big shop like Karstadt maybe. Or go to any bank that is still open.
explain this shot
I guess the game just takes the current weapon in that mode, since it counts the kills you need for upgrades. So the moment he killed the first guy, he upgraded to the awp and therefore the 2nd kill c...
Germans come here
I am not ashamed for anything. I don't like everything that has happened. But history won't prevent me from following my own thoughts and making rational decisions, rather than pretending to pay for s...
German rappers
Entetainment. Most of his stuff is kind of "mass murder" rap, but he also has some more thoughtful songs on "Feder Gottes". "Fünftes Element" for example.
Germans come here
Ok. I agree on the point that the decision the let in so many "refugees" at once was not a good choice. What I dislike about what you are writing, though: You write like every German is in consent wit...
Germans come here
Yes, I can't agree with the green as well. Many live in their own bubble. Especially their party leaders and delegates are one of the biggest jokes I have ever seen.