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Iconic dish from your contry
How can Trump still be liked?
He has given millions of people jobs in the US and is keeping illegal immigrants out of the US that could potentially harm legal US citizens and illegal immigrants have harmed many people.
NA is still garbage
Nice job ur country won a major off a lucky jump shot good job well deserved.
North Korean Team
br shit na and eu better
NA is still garbage
c9 major wasn't really fluke because they almost bet faze a few month after the major and even through they lost their key player stew which helped them the major and they dont have him anymore so it...
ESL One Belo Horizonte
i think the other two players will be players from ghost but until swag and azk get back to their peak skill then they will most likely get offers from other teams or go back to torqued.
Best Aimer Ever
Niko or Scream duhhh
I fix CS Scene
na lol why best of the world wtf
I fix CS Scene
ur dumb af then
I fix CS Scene
honestly nitro is probs best awp right now honestly i dont even like liquid that much
I fix CS Scene
he is not lol
I fix CS Scene
wait why put jayzar when theres Niko which is balkan
PUBG fans are retarded
people that dont have money for games fortnite is the game they can get so thats why more people are playing
PUBG fans are retarded
im sorry im not a multimillion dollar company with other highly popular shooter games
PUBG fans are retarded
fortnite only has like 200,000 more people playing it than pubg it really is very popular because its free