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190cm+ = WEIRDO?
a true viking
i met s1mple and boomBI4 today.
nice men ))) i also wanna be eaten by boombl4
Renegades WARDELL
Wardell is a beast, I hope he gets a good team
Barcelona in flames
They were independent and they joined the UK. Catalonia was never independent and our constutution doesn't allow fake referendums like they did, neither they have the obligation of offering one, espec...
Barcelona in flames
Right it is a nation and not a country. My point is that they were independent, even if they joined the united kingdom. Catalonians surely have a language and that's about It, they were always a part...
Barcelona in flames
What i mean is that Scotland is actually a country, catalonia has never been a country, It's not a comparable situation
Barcelona in flames
First of all that person is hiding there and police had no idea that she was there. Second, they are insulting the cops at their face, throwing huge rocks, metals and whatever they find, cocktail mol...
Barcelona in flames
Tugas are so nice man, I really love your country. I've visited both the north and the south and you guys are nice always ( i visited Braga, Oporto and Aveiro this year and i absolutely loved it) than...
Barcelona in flames
the president changed and he is the one in charge of this. After hearing the speech of today they wanna take it with a lot of patience and letting them being the violent ones. But ofc dude they were t...
Gerexit NOW
Germany is getting benefits from it so does the rest of the countries that join, i can see it with many countries that have joined and improved their economies a lot. It's beneficial for everyone even...
Barcelona in flames
No, I mean yes surely they will but this time they are taking it very slow and without any violence, last time police got also a bit out of control and charged over people too many times without any r...
Barcelona in flames
Exactly what i said to him in a different post, they formed an asbolute joke of a referendum where just their supporters voted and second and most importantly surely they are a big amount of people bu...
Barcelona in flames
Scotland is a country in an UNITED KINGDOM as far as i know. Catalonia is not a country and it was never a country in their history. What happens is that we have too much history and different languag...
Barcelona in flames
It wasn't me unless you are completely blind. And surely i want to dodge the fight because i don't want civilian deaths, or what do you think it will happen when the army arrives buddy? do you live in...
Barcelona in flames
that happens in many countries and no one offers shit, no country wants to lose territory, are you dumb or what? and democracy is fully implemented, they have the right to show their support to the in...