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New Pokemon Leak
always enjoyed the games and pokemon showdown is fun, but pokemon gets a bit clowny when they become icecream cones, key rings, garbage piles and plateaus of dirt :D
Top 20 players of 2021: HObbit (6)
amazing player and an ever nicer person, gz hobbit!
00Nation aim to rebuild roster with coldzera, malbsMd, try - Report
device looking to return to Astralis - Report
this is the definition of a clown fiesta
Shout out to our community
they can have the brazilians, in fact, please take them.
Lucky: "The people saying gla1ve took the AWP from me, it's not true at all"
since they have a shady history with that, it's not weird at all.
k0nfig puts post-injury doubts to rest as Astralis beat NIP
finnish is not a scandi language
what is this audio 2021 in Stockholm lmao
NIP advance to PGL Major playoffs after ending Copenhagen Flames' dream run
hampus is such a cool player the rest of the NiP squad has been a bit underwhelming tho, even device. GL in the playoffs!
best a swedish team has looked in quite some team, well swedish-ish xd
I'm talking generally, my guy
Depends on how you see, but yes. They spend a lot in smaller numbers (say 4-7 players for 150-300m each) but also make a lot from reselling. Never any big names.
Been a fan of Arsenal since I was young, Fredrik Ljungberg a big reason ofc. Last few years have been horrible and this year I've barely watched the games. Arsenal has a no-winning culture. Hard to g...