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Astralis hammer AVANGAR to win StarLadder Major
maybe it's time to changer format >? hello ? btw. one month brake fucked-up teams like vitality and TL.. worst amjor ever lul.. pure clown fiesta danish chokers winning 4th major ahahhah xd
SK, fnatic, virtus.pro is down so Astralis....
cs go died in 2017 lel.. the best year for cs go was 2015 with 3 majors.. that's for sure..
Astralis 4 easy finals
0-8 / 7-13 on 3rd decider map train and round with tec-9 // calling old vp bad lul m8 nt xd just unlucky 1vs3 overpass //misscomunication and retarded luck on train
AVANGAR vs Astralis
yee good idea, lower and upper bracket with bo5 final https://liquipedia.net/dota2/The_International/2019
AVANGAR vs Astralis
3rd shitty major on a row.. nice bracket btw xd
AVANGAR vs Astralis
tom cruise rekting jesus lul , god where are you right now ? ; (
empty arena
Katowice or Sydney is great idea///
AVANGAR vs Astralis
+1 lul so true , feels bad for avangar, fast 2-0 not even close lul (same scenario as previous major against ence)
NRG vs Astralis
3rd in a row not 4th, 4th overall LUL
NRG vs Astralis
final was yesterday, rip NRG & AVANGAR lul
AVANGAR outshine Renegades to secure first Major grand final spot
same with dosia , from x-god meme to major winner ; p
Renegades vs AVANGAR
astralis will smash avangar or RNG but NRG ? lul they will choke in final for sure
NRG vs Astralis
astralul 2-0 lel
playoff pickems 0/4 squad come here
haha me too - ence vitality tl and navi .. oof xD
Astralis beat Liquid in two maps; to face NRG in semi-finals
TL have no clue how to play against astralis.. head to head tells a lot about rivalary xd