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r8 cute girl
Nice taste, one of the best so far. 9/10
Favorite SEX position [+18]
Flag checks out
Favorite SEX position [+18]
Exactly read #60
Favorite SEX position [+18]
Missionary by far. You have the control and dominance. You have Eye contact and you are within reach of all her body parts. You decide the tempo and your girl can grab you in the ass. You can kiss and...
MILF fetish anyone ?
Well technically anyone who has had a child is considered milf but I wouldn’t consider anyone below 30 or even 35 a milf.
Apple AirPods
Make sure you take good care of yours. I wrestled with my bro ina Turkish bath for 15 minutes until I noticed I left my AirPods in my pocket. Mine are dead now. Other than that they are great, The don...
MILF fetish anyone ?
Milfs are great to watch and fap because skinny teens don’t really satisfy on camera but any guy with real experience Knows that teens> milfs irl. Also you usually can’t go wrong with teens but most r...
Someone to build a team around n0thing?
Lol NA cs is irrelevant. They have a lot of individual talents but they really don’t have any mastermind or leader. All the good leaders are in eu. They just like to show off with their fancy english ...
Worst and best roster move in a history of cs?
Best: Olof and krimz to fnatic Worst: Zeus leaves gambit
(Trying) to fix all Teams
Best aimer in your country
You have good players I would go with espiranto
Best aimer in your country
Twistzz is also a close contender
Best aimer in your country
Both cheaters btw
Pyth to nip
Sounds like a meme
smooya tweet
He is shit