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better servers so Good quality stream even with bad internet Also illegal sites full of shitty ads and shitty servers, low quality stream.
Xantares question
1 bo1 in and already people seeing "no future" lmao hltv lads are so quick to reach conclusions
Xantares question
If he couldnt learn english he can never learn german so I assume he communicates in english and occasionally in turkish with gob b
Why are you gay?
Why are you gay?
Why are you gay?
lmao the full interview is even funnier
Rate my beat x13
flag checks out with your explanation
BIG vs Vitality
nah i'm talking general, 90 percent of indians are fans of the french scene and 60percent have shox as their flair, do you know why your fellow countrymen show interest int he french scene this much ...
(18+) rate sexy Stuttgart girl
8/8 tits
BIG vs Vitality
why are indians such big fans of french scene?
BIG vs Vitality
Lmao once big ban mirage and nuke, they got an advantage in any other map tbh.
BIG vs Vitality
more like v for virgins
G2 win Major !
I don't care who their opposition was. They just had better teamplay, calls, strats and more individual skill, firepower than vitality and played well. You don't always judge a team by the opponents...
Rock album recs
G2 win Major !
I have to disagree with you completely. G2 in their last two bo3's had perfect teamwork and mid-round calls, much better than vitality imo