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My Valorant Opinion (long)
TL; DR, but don't forget the terrible map designs
trash awpers
Sixer, jdm, Smithzzz
Messi or ronaldo?
Such a 12yr old kid...
The Walking Dead
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an AMAZING actor
The Walking Dead
The only thing that's keeping me from stopping to watching this show is Negan.
navi haters are pathetic
Dont forget Gambit Youngsters
olof or bymas ?
I mean towards the end they really didn't perform that badly with olof. Topping their group in r2r and only losing to Astralis and a Solid G2 team
olof or bymas ?
I mean you could say that. Of course, they were under the same conditions, but I really don't believe that FaZe tried that hard to win. I think that they just tried to have some fun. I mean you could ...
olof or bymas ?
well I mean they lost against NaVi in a Charity MR12 event so I wouldn't really count that since the next time they faced off, FaZe 2-0d NaVi
olof or bymas ?
That isn't because FaZe got better, its because all the other teams just collapsed. Fnatic, Mouz, NaVi, Astralis all just imploded and fell off
FaZe next thing
I'd like to see them bring in some1 like ropz. He's still a young player but has a lot more experience. Or Frozen would also be nice to see
That mostly isn't because they're playing better, but because the other teams just collapsed. Fnatic, Astralis, NaVi, Liquid etc.
rain 10hp
Oh, I know you're not a rain fan. Every rain fan would know that rain doesn't AWP except when he saves it. Never did, never will. What I'm saying is that when I see statements like this it really just...
rain 10hp
ok, when I see posts like this then you're really just trying your best to make excuses like a fanboy.
rain 10hp
even rain himself said rain in that video