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Astralis vs fnatic
I'm sorry, who are you again...? Anyway, thank you! You made my day with all that cringe... Don't take me wrong but I strongly believe that guys like you feel not one but 2 pair of balls... ;)
OMG... This is becoming a Reddit 2.0... And.., the so called "moderators", disappear on threads like this one. Level ... Whatever negative number you can throw.
Astralis vs fnatic
Listen girl... I'm going to tell you this just once and you should read it v-e-r-y slowly: My main account dated 2001, probably just before you were born... Now, keep growing, put some trousers, and I...
Astralis vs fnatic
This is being posted with Train at 13-15... Even not at their best, Fnatic gave Hltv number 1 ranked, emphasis on Hltv, a run for their money. Brollan is exciting to be seen, JW as well and true CS lo...
Vitality vs NiP
And to think there are kids believing Vitality is a real team instead of a one man show...
Vitality vs NiP
Basically that he is delusional... Lmao
Well... If you are so much into internet, use it to learn really useful things instead of writing rubbish. An election in Portugal have results based on Hondt Method. Find a video about it and learn w...
do you brush your teeth?
Spunj was right about hltv threads...
Pro players Height:
Spunj was right abt hltv threads...
Pro players Height:
Renegades vs AVANGAR
About the stream, that troll that for some reason keeps being filmed by another obvious troll, looking like cuting throats, and banging people on the Avangar side, like he did for the baguettes, can s...
One of the best, no doubts! If not for the twists and turns of the games itself, the simple fact of "fluke" teams thinking big of themselves and with delusional hltv rankings being exposed and brought...
Vitality vs AVANGAR
No doubt! As a player, as a leader but mostly as a human being... Hopefully, he will be finally recognized!
Vitality vs AVANGAR
Thank you Avangar for the lesson and for prevent people to keep watching and mostly listening to those obnoxious sounds made by apeX, also know as the most boosted player on csgo history!
stfu moses
Only a brainless chicken would call the best caster duo out... You probably an ameba ...or def. No question on "dumbness" tho.