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Heroic vs ENCE
This is the real ENCE game! They are playing a MINOR and they are disputing a LOWER bracket. It's says Ence all over...
Astralis vs Liquid
Another ugly beating incoming... Sad
BattleRoyale CS
Looney Tunes shit??? Wtf r u talking about? Looney Tunes are not shit! As a game, yes, shitiest shit ever!
Totally agree! They shouldn't even be allowed to get near any online games!
There is an EDIT button #1 kid... And, after reading such a stupidity, would you expect I keep reading sh*t? Please grow...
Can someone please google "jetlag" for him please? I would but, when I left home it was 08:00 Hrs and I arrive to the office at 08:20 Hrs and I might be jetlagging as well...
Why? Just why does that matter to anyone? FFS, do you really have such a miserable life that you feel the need to question other people way of living? Just...get a life kid! /closed
OpTic vs ENCE
Optic, when you lose against a Tier 30 team and then again against a Tier 9, changes have to be made and, imho, disband would be the best option...
Astralis vs MIBR
Well, I've seen so many dubious things on this tournament that I'm about to go along with s1mple...
Is Toyota the worst tournament we ever saw?
wtf is going on? and why is hltv doing coverage of something we cannot see? is this a joke??
Trump REKT Macron
What did you expect from a country with little over 2 centuries history?
Trump REKT Macron
There is only only way to fight american ignorants, in case you choose not to ignore them, as I do 90% of the time: You use an american musician like Mellencamp (American Fool) and you use an american...
Guess not... Not fun about petitions. Anyway, if there was a petition to ban brainless petitions together with their authors, I'm pretty sure I will vote for it and yours, will be on my top 5...
Astralis vs Liquid
All considered (2 recent additions to the team, one of them, a 16 years old with 2 weeks work and Xizt as IGL/Player, as well as this rooster 1st appearance on Lan) I really think they have done well....