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real top 10
Your nickname is incorrect. Russia has 1 major winner - X god Dosia
Top 20 players from your country
I think that Leckr is second at the moment. Remember that he is IGL not top fragger like NEOFRAG :D
Top 20 players from your country
As I wrote, it is a ranking from the whole history of CS. As for history GuardiaN is best slovakian player of all time but one day Frozen will beat him.
Top 20 players from your country
From the whole history - Slovakia 1.GuardiaN 2.Frozen 3.PhP 4.STYKO 5.Zero 5.UN 6.Queztone 7.Dev1 8.Xero 9.unreal 10.Benq1 11.HenkkyG 12.--- It´s too hard choice others. Vut the above mention has mad...
what happened
loss of motivation
USA saved Europe WW2
It´s sad to see person with this opinion, but when I see your flag all is clear. USA helped a lot but USSR played a key role. This picture captures WW2 -
If Faze choke this
astralis disband
I dont think so
Am I ugly?
To be honest you are not ugly but try to do something with your style. I mean hairstyle, clothes. Go to barber, buy better clothes and more and then take courage and start flirting with them. I hope y...
Iran bounty for Trump
rating 2.0 is joke
I rate your favorite player
i rate your city,21.2403819,10756m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x473e80e2e452eb8b:0x400f7d1c6973820!2m2!1d21.2754012!2d49.2945857!1m0!3e0
I will rate your country
Hey Broozman it´s not fair. Czechia and Slovakia were one nation before WW2 and during Cold war /Czechoslovakia/. During WW2 so many Czechs and Slovaks people collaborated. You forgot about this whe...