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how is he supposed to get MVP if he cant carry his team hard enough to get deeper in events if he had a good team around him that could even sometimes do stuff without him they would be making top 4 o...
if s1mple had a better team to make it deep into events and even win he would have gotten more mvp's than device, device just gets them because astralis make it deeper into events and usually win.
first world just means democratic industrial countries that are in the US sphere of influence and the US so we're still first world.
the first part of that has literally nothing to do with the second part. the first part is completely correct
US extremist attacks
but when did that switch happen? literally all the way up to the 20th century you see the democrats being the racist ones, they were the ones that tried to destroy the civil right movement it was a de...
US extremist attacks
only the ten commandments were handed down to moses and those are the things saying be nice to people and dont commit murder or adultery.
God S1mple
that's not because s1mple isnt good enough to win majors its, because his team isnt good enough. he has the skill to easily win a major with the right team but navi isnt the right team right now and m...
Countries you dislike
any country that isn't primarily white
ww2 best army?
Finland lost to the Russians... they didnt lose as many men but in the end Russia broke through and the Finnish government had to sue for peace and lost more territory than the soviets asked them to g...