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pro100 vs Se7en
There’s no flipside team in this match, the fuck you tried to say lawl
GamerLegion vs Se7en
and thats a dumb move, he wont achieve anything with GL, while being able to play in a decent t2-3 team
GamerLegion vs Se7en
I feel like tricked before b0rup removal were top of tier3, t2-t3 is something like nip today I believe
GamerLegion vs Se7en
Thats quite reasonable about that d2 pick idd Talkin bout nawk he is really good as we already pointed out. GL are having some ups and downs lately and he is the one responsible for 'ups', hope to se...
GamerLegion vs Se7en
inb4 I read and answer we've talked yesterday at this Swedish guy's loving russians stream bout nawk bein a beast, hey there lol
Heroic vs Spirit
You can't know but still talk, good for you
Heroic vs Spirit
I wish I cared about what you trynna say huh
GamerLegion vs Se7en
se7en had the whole day to watch after GL still ended up picking d2 vs them, quite a great move innit huh
Heroic vs Spirit
doesnt mean I've got nothing to do with Korea. You can't know but still talk, good for you
Heroic vs Spirit
prosto idite nahui esli chitaete eto - prosto idite nahui
Grayhound vs Genuine
nice usps eco for real how can u throw that
pro100 vs Unicorns of Love
is there any more or less reliable proof of UoL cheating or is it just a typical HLTV witch hunting?
GamerLegion vs Espada
if it wasnt for him exactly it would be two 16-14 wins for espada
GamerLegion vs Espada
U see? Back to back
GamerLegion vs Espada
nawk is actually 1v9ing this already hate this guy, who singlehandedly won numerous rounds for GL