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Nordavind vs 777
'flair checks out' should be the case here, have a good day
Young Ninjas vs KOVA
Taking YN’s 2:0 win goes for @2.7
Nordavind vs 777
lol, dont put words into my mouth. I never said Astralis are one of those mentioned above. U r ridiculius sry
Nordavind vs 777
do you understand there are not more than 5-6 tier 1 teams even in this online era? Even if there are like 15 t2 teams (dont know how broad the list of em actually is), Nordavind are no way in this 15...
Nordavind vs 777
Is this a joke? I mean, you may not know in which order the numbers go... or was it just a typo? Also 5 looks quite alike to 2.
Astralis Talent vs Tricked
been recruited by the baguettes long time ago
Sprout vs Endpoint
Sinners vs forZe
11 rounds taken by forze in two maps against sinners. What a joke tbh
Sinners vs forZe
People dont like when it’s freaking 1v4s thrown, thats why. You can’t really be mad when it comes down to a map where both teams are trying. But when it’s like what these dogz are doing rn then yes, w...
Sinners vs forZe
Ahhahahaha 1v4????????????,
Sinners vs forZe
Ntm taking both map wins for those guys. Ngl that was kinda silly on my part.
Sinners vs forZe
Dogze we all know is back. So sweet I went for over 26.5 rounds both maps to watch them carelessly throwing to washed up sinners lol
Fiend vs Lyngby Vikings
Now suddenly fiend will give up on their yesterday’s performance to lose the game to quite fell off vikings.
SKADE vs Extra Salt
‘losing team is eliminated’. Another spring shit spring 8 am match to get kicked outta the tournament. Wondering why it’s not a bo1 tho with players’ hands tied to their bodies.