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Cpu upgrade
if you have the patience just wait until there's a good deal
Highest rating in a half
bruh it only takes a few minutes of scrolling through the 16-0 archive to find similar performances train T side 7.32
Syrup with pancakes?
I like my syrup with no pancakes for sure
Affirmative Action in pro cs?
+1 teams need to hire diversity managers and analysts for their own good. it is scientifically proven that diversity brings new perspectives, widens the talent pool, increases innovation, improves emp...
Why don't americans
The real reason is because throughout history there was never the need or means to measure time down to the precision of the SI base unit (seconds). People used the sun to keep track of time as clocks...
best 2.0 ratio
when +cache or +cbble
one will be introduced at stockholm. i have the sources. trust me
Ok bro
>it's revolutionary in the field of artistic endeavours by human beings, your soul is so tormented by chaos that you cannot see the beauty in collective human creativity to be able to make this claim...
funny how you talk about understanding kpop when you need to get all your linguistic interpretation from genius rather than coming up with your own musical analysis. must be a boring hobby to have.
funny how you talk about understanding kpop when there's a <1% chance you can understand any of the lyrics without subtitles
Thanks tarik
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