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Natus Vincere vs Liquid
liquid will get this easy if navi lose first few rounds and tilts
mousesports vs Renegades
worried about naf, looks like he's gonna destroy monitor, keyboard or headset and bite teammates after this game :D
Aimlock major
you are right dude! all pros are cheating xd 100% proof: disgusting, guy accidentally loaded hvh config on major
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
one and only match of the day which was worth to watch but navi ruined it classic navi tilt, wp mouz btw what the fuck with replays? they are shaky af
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
navi should get this on paper but idk honestly, navi matches are always coinflip cause they like to tilt
How are pros not blind?
because it's an old myth to take you away from computer in childhood and to sell "special computer glasses" for nerds, who still believe in such bullshit in 2018 CRT monitors could damage your eyes, ...
CSGO is dead
>5 years old game > dead, xd
200k viewers
idling 3 accs on second laptop not gonna watch this boring qualifier and other bullshit, waiting for semi-finals and final, where the real cs gonna start
TyLoo Stickers
but Tyloo will be in next major and get stickers again, who the fuck in right mind would BUY those stickers for nearly $300? noobs think those stickers will become the "new IBP" lmao
Worst Pro Players
allu? he isn't THAT terrible to be on same list with DEVIL
youtube cancer
youtube > twitch in terms of quality spamming memes and other useless shit might be better on twitch tho
Space Soldiers vs Natus Vincere
disgusting profile photos, flamie looks like 12yo kid lmao
quitting csgo
pubg is a worst game of the decade