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Cs:Go fix
-Make CS:GO 20$ again or what ever yes, making it f2p was the worst idea ever -valve needs to fight sites that sell hacks and actually do something for casuals (mm, danger zone players) one of popula...
NordVPN hacked
i am average joe and it's fine for me all my "private" stuff is stored offline inside hidden fireproof boxes and for me vpn is needed just to hide from home/mobile isp tracking
S1mple is the problem
respect should be earned, not given because you was decent 5 years ago
Dream Inventory
injecting random shit into game might screw your trust factor which is million times worse than vac
s1mple still toxic
cs isn't a talk show so who cares except triggered-by-everything reddit and twitter warriors
Should I run the 400m race everyday?
>what benefits benefits of 400m sprint are close to none, i.e. just to boost your coincidence and spend some time outside tbh you should run longer distances at slower speed, start from 4km and slowly...
revert free to play
flusha cheated at some point
flusha did nothing wrong
baking gpu
get a replacement asap, it won't work for long
gun haters come here
without proper combat skills guns are as useful as wooden sticks as a civilian hltv dweller you have no chance, sorry
Which pro had the greatest dip in form?
Climate change
??? except it is normal and even good for current state of tech, there are too many retards against nuclear power plants which are proven to be the most efficient and safe source of energy compared to...
Climate change
you better be worried about upcoming pandemic due to developing antibiotic resistance which is real as fuck compared to sub 100 ppm co2 lvl median change which is absolutely normal if you look at that...
B1ad3 englando
he is too drunk to make sense
Climate change
same bullshit as oil shortage 2010 myth like 15-20 years ago same "scientists" were showing fake proofs and screaming that we will be out of gas in 2010s 100% so please please buy our overpriced elec...