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4:3 in 2018
if you know what are you doing and holding right spots you don't need that extra fov of 16:9 /thread inb4 you need 8k ultrawide and gtx 3090 sli cause it's 2018!!11!!!!!
Teams you miss?
verygames legacy fnatic
panorama is shit huge blocks and rectangles for mobile gamers who can't hit smaller buttons micro text for apes because who the fuck reads, just click some shit and hope it works lmao
>THE MUSIC NEVER WAS WORSE THAN IT IS NOW true dat, internet is filled with 8 yo xxxlilb1ggangstaxxx kids with their autotuned bullshit "rap"
Rogue vs compLexity
ot hype can rogue finally close it?
newfag vs oldfag
new or old, doesn't matter. fag is a fag
Phones u miss
se k700 se w810 se k790 nokia e52
Favorite Drugs
oxy was my favorite but i don't to drugs anymore
annoying nerd voice and number one butt-buddy of guardian and niko
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
>inferno finally, nuke/ovp are so boring maps to watch
Sugar addict
gonna watch it on weekend, ty for advice
Sugar addict
but regular table sugar is a mix of glucose and fructose? "sugar is healthier than sugar", makes no sense what makes it healthy or unhealthy is daily intake based on activity, i.e. basement dweller i...
G2 vs Natus Vincere
no s1mple no party
Sugar addict
there is no such thing as "healthy" or "unhealthy" sugar, it's all the same carbohydrates and doesn't matter from where they come, be it "healthy" apple or teaspoon of raw sugar added into coffee
snax beard