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Liquid vs Astralis
ah, liquid just gave up after ovp
Do you listen Metal ?
a lot of bands do such experimental stuff for teh lulz
Do you listen Metal ?
i love different music varying from electronic/pop to black metal metal genres i mostly listen are folk, sympho black and metalcore/mdm
1024x768 or 1280x960 Streched??
why not 8k? 1080p is so 2010, dude buy new intel x-9900k and gtx3090ti or people will point fingers at you and laugh!!111!!!
Headset recommendations
hyperx cloud core
is faze out? not yet
EnVyUs vs G2
nice try nbkry
because it's 2018, pretty much every site is cluttered with ads and looks like graffiti wall in ghetto without adblock/ublock
what games you play atm
far cry 5 mm is dead until devs fix new server crash/lag exploit
FaZe vs EnVyUs
rip envyus
test i like trains
AMD Ryzen vs. Intel
this cpu is a beast, get a decent cooler and overclock it, ez 5 years more without upgrading
AMD Ryzen vs. Intel if you don't do any multitasking/streaming/rendering videos and use pc only to play games there is absolutely n...
i7 3770 gtx 670 overheating?
compressed air is the best and most effective way to clean any electronic device from dust i use air compressor but those cans are fine too