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hello my name is findus and i nick fimpo, iam 14 yr/o and live in sweden sthlm
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because you also think like me that the german race is supioror
Nip fans i have a question
i think rn nip with the dennis drama if you will, dont really know how to play since they planned to play with draken and they have not really found them self yet - hardcore nip fan
Finland happiest country again
1 finland 2 denmark 3 norway - then sweden 7 we kinda fucked up or most the immigrants and the lefties fuck us over
16:10 1600x1024 black bars
yes but it feels good
Sweden come
amen alla har fucking iphone x och vi bör förbjuda de på våra gator de får mig att känna mig obekväm på tågfan när jag ska hem och skit
Your career
14 i wanna overdose on drugs (if you did not get this joke you have lost your right to call yourself swedish)
Chickens are great!
love for all chickens <333 #fullhomo
Recommend me an Haircut
rez i used his and it turned out very nais1
Meaning of your Flag
well there is story behind the swedish flag it started with a king (i dont remember which king) just hade won a battle and was dying while leaving the battlefield and he was being drag in a carriage a...
Smoking pros
2 good yes
Smoking pros
if you count snus prob half of every swedish pro like f0rest
Leftism explained
listen sweden has good hospital and school but shitty polictall and police and we are getting raped by immegrants
nah sweden is just really fucked
you dont get the joke, its that they use a lot of arabic words and slangs and they have a accent
wait what language is this greetings from sweden