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,,VP bring viewers money sponsors,,
haha brazilian talking about money xd p.s. u know that u wont win mundial anyway
+1 oh and watch out guys we can be now accused of antisemitism thats always jewish line of defence
israel so dumb xD
its actually true by the way there are lots of interviews and articles about it
the size of your city?
Europe and USA come here
still much wealthier than u so its not that bad
Europe and USA come here
in china and india only less than even one percent of population has all the money in the country so still u are poor when it comes to development you have no middle class so vast majority of your po...
I fix every country
go on
17 school shootings usa
i love when someone is making statements about something that he doesnt fully understand in this case u should first take a look in which states the shooting took place and it mostly wasn t in states ...
1,33 rating is bad srsly then what is a good rating the onlz thing whz thez lost it was lost 2 pistol rounds beacause on full buz VP was much better
Best fooball(soccer) player of your country?
Another thread where they even cant read the source properly in this case u should read the bill then make a statement it is said in it that u can not blame polish nation or country for holocaust caus...
i dont like him anyway
Stark to VP
+1 hahaha XD
True about TAZ
+1 XD
if u are calling someone racist that means that u are probaly a democrat supporter so there is no piont of talking with u cause if someone has no idea about governing their own money then they arnt e...