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k0nfig said that s1mple is baiter
ye stupid Simple he should rush every round first and let noob Flamie clutch loool
csgo is done
cs go will be actually more alive than ever because of how long are we waiting for major now.. it will be huge
Astralis vs fnatic
Fnatic is outplaying them so much lol, even when JW and Flusha cant hit shit they are still rekting them
Astralis vs fnatic
Xypex has literally 0 impact kills, only exit kills and easy kills to back, they should bring exetag instead of him
Aunkere fan
how is it undeserved, scream said it loud and clear, then little bitch Aunkere said it 3 times to make sure Scream hears it ..
SHANEY vs eLserbian
two little kids trying to win argument on internet, nothing important
Karrigan can stay but Chrisj brings nothing to the team, imagine if they pick up even someone like scream instead of him
-stew +fer
idk i think Nitro is bigger problem than Stewie, Stewie brings atleast something to the team, agressive playstyle, entrying, making plays but Nitro isnt fragging very good and his leading is shit when...
Boris Johnson
ye its karma maybe, he didnt take it seriously and he himself said that people shouldnt stop shaking hands and that he shakes hands with everyone even with infected people
electronic vs magisk
Magisk is amazing, maybe best pistol player ever but Electronic is sometimes playing like top 3 player in the world so i think Electronic is little bit better
who the hell does he think he is, fucking 50 years old virgin loser, i think pros should answer him and dont be scared of him
rage bet 20€ faze
Liquid will win i think
Stewie2k vs Xyp9x
they are exactly opposite players, stewie always goes first, xypex always last, but i think stewie is better
Heroic vs forZe
other team was not Forze but EG, they go 1v2 lost decider but they are still in quarters..