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Krimz > Twistzz?
ye its weird to me too, Twistzz was definitely better then Krimz or Guardian maybe even Glave. He had even 0.2 difference between kills per round and deaths in 3 months, thats something only device an...
its hard to shine in such a bad team, they should make some roster changes, all their players are too similiar and they have no igl and awper..
Black bars vs stretched
idk i am using bb now i feel like my spray is much better and also long range shots, with stretched models can be wider but sometimes you also feel like you are hiting and it doesnt hit. i dont think ...
Last 13 - Top 20
its Guardy yo
lul he had negative numbers almost whole year :-D he started to have some decent stats when MIBR were attending joke tier 5 tournaments. he is flashy but not very smart player..
would be so underserved job for him, he proved nothing in mibr, he should go train some tier 8 match making team to prove himself, not fucking faze clan..
Best ROCK bands?
three days grace, skillet, egypt central, linkin park, adema, red
xyp9x topic
what more do you want from him? :-D you himself said he is the best clutcher and almost never makes mistake, how many players can be called to be the best at something? and his stats are decent, maybe...
Ethan top20?
niko coldzera device simple krimz sunny guardian magisk xypex dupreeh glave naf twistzz oskar electronic elige and then its between tarik tabsen woxic i guess
he was part of top 2 team few years ago and he was the better part of the team behind Guardian and on same level as Flamie and Edward back then.. but he felt off too much that they didnt want to keep ...
more competition, they are still same but better guys came
most overrated player
Coldzera is the only reason MIBR is in top 10, Fallen and Fer out of form, Stewie Tarik never fit in..
NA shuffle
i just hope that Autimatic will end up on some good team. He is probably the best NA player with Twistzz and Naf and he is wasted af right now.. sad
Cringiest CSGO pro ever
Fallen and Dupreeh can be pretty cringy sometimes..
ozsosinko killed it once again