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Your hometown :)
Be happy. Gtr Manc, I get 2Mbps. No fibre. 100 metres away. They have fibre.
mm ban
They dont care. And if it was a rank up game you wont be deranked just cos you disconnected.
TOP 5 aimers?
Old post I know, but I lol'd. +1
don't think it is automatic, no. It is easy enough to do yourself. A couple of button presses. Don't be so lazy.
You can change it as much as you like. Just while you have lightboost on you can only have a max of 120hz. 144hz makes bugger all real difference anyway.
BenQ XL2420T
What #15 said. Apart from a different stand and some extra features that aren't that great, it is the same as 2410T. If you can find the 2410T for half its original price it would be a better buy.
BenQ XL2420T
On 1.6 you can get the colours to look amazing. But as you say - it is still a TN panel, if you're used to IPS or better say, at work or normally - then the colours won't be as good (generally)...
Absolute Legends vs CPLAY
It GOTV always really laggy? :/ First time i've been on it kinda horrid to watch.
NiP vs
The Qualifier is online right?
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
The second map started yet?
TaZ, LeX, Xizt and Zerog react to IEM dropping CS 1.6
Aww, Xizt so quiet compared to the other three. Lex looks like he would eat Xizt.
- xyp9x
[BOLD]+1[/BOLD] I love how you put that too. So English. Hahaha XD vs Natus Vincere
Come on WinFakt. 10x the team and more interesting than the dull as NaVi.
Natus Vincere vs Lemondogs
Unlucky lemondogs. Shame the dull team got through. Bored of NaVi.