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Fucking Rigged, fuck this shit
I feel sorry for Shox and Kenny
They chose their current team so I don't feel sorry for them.
NiP again lucky draw
0 lucky draws in the legends stage but somehow if it was HR it would be lucky again, smh.
Stopped playing CS
Didn't you asked for tips or advices? I'd say that's an advice, sort of.
Stopped playing CS
Stopped playing CS
try playing with the left hand on the mouse and right in the keyboard(or the other way if this is how you already play.)
Freya or Smix ?
NiP Opponents
BTW I do know there is a draw.
Yeah they've been struggling, but are still top 10 in the world. But Faze has also been struggling.
Yeah agree. But on Nip's side is worst. Mouse>Liquid>Navi.Which in the rankings is 4th,3rd and 2nd. Which is slightly worst than Navi's that is 1st>5th>8th. This is such a stupid format.
He's not in the team exactly because of major spot, it is a factor but not the main reason since if they had NBK or Apex they still would have the major spot.
I'm tired of majors
But you said you're tired of something that happened once in at least the last 3 majors. In both Eleague majors you had teams that were t1 or very close(i'm not sure that C9 was considered t1) and had...
I'm tired of majors
?? The last major was probably as close as you ever gonna get to it.
Hey Xizt, nice veto
I kind of always thought that the reason Nip weren't able to qualify for the majors were cause he didn't know how to call versus non tier 1-2 teams. I think with a good enough team he is able to call ...
Pimp ???
He's awesome