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IEM Winter 2021 Predictions 100% Real and True
Fnatic have huge map pool as well , at least against tier 2.
Richest CS GO orgs?
It does. Faze were just chokers. If they didn't choke so much they would've had an era of their own.
IEM Winter talent announced
Maybe not in football , but I follow cricket , UFC/MMA and people say that word and nothing happens
Proud of Vitality
Dupreeh will get washed up soon
IEM Winter talent announced
Game has passed him? How? As in he can't commentate anymore because things are happening too quickly for him ? Or what? He doesn't understand the maps? Or the meta? Or how bomb plants work? Lul. He wa...
IEM Winter talent announced
That retarded "controversy" ended after 2 months and he casted events for ESL for a year after that. The n word controversy is literally the biggest joke on this planet and it's only us snowflakes in ...
Apex is funny because he has won major and tier 1 events. Cadian is not because he hasn't done shit in 9 years until the online era with a cheater coach. Apex is funny because he is a legend and peopl...
He really hasn't been been fragging well. On mirage he gets rekt on short Everytime , on inferno he is not too good at holding apts. On t side he just dies for nothing because he is in situations wher...
IEM Winter talent announced
Can u finally start hiring fucking sadokist he is the best caster in eSports and being cast aside for the likes of spunj harry Hugo scrawny launders lol wtf
IEM Winter talent announced
I think olof should go , but in his defence , he is literally playing the worst roles imaginable. Just look at him on the map and tell me he is in a position to play with team and get kills. He has 0 ...
Sadokist with anyone >>>>>>>> anyone. Btw cryisfree I see I hurt ur feelings ,go give medals to your fail pilots and fail cricket team xdddd
He lost his demonic voice due to old age so now he has to try harder to force it out