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Katowice 1019 I meant to say "not hour long". Berlin had a delay in the groups stages , but the playoffs were good
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Im not sure , but I think pixel boosting was allowed in that event. Where the boost was at fault is that they took advantage of some texture which made them invisible or something , and that was invol...
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Not your long. Katowice was perfect. Berlin was also really good
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Starladder had minor issues , wayyyyy better production than elague major , wayyyyy better arena than eleague major. Eleague majors were garbage production tbh , they got lucky that both the majors de...
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Go watch the game again
Peach , light, bright green , brown , white , pink Pretty much every color is good if it's not from these ones
Stfu , no one even knows you 2-10-2019
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Hopefully that ends now. I hope fnatic ends this longass period.of.boring majors.and beat astralis , because I don't think any other team can tbh. Maybe liquid are fed up and finally saving all their ...
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Imo pgl major > facit major but those 2 belong together
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A comp strat that they used as well but theirs was too shit* Smithzz also boosted and took advantage of the same texture
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With hour long delays
conor mcgregor
Yes he was relevant then. But khabib ended his career. He is a joke atm
ENCE vs ViCi
New operation pog?
semmler tweet
yes , the duo was annoying becuase of sec jokes all the time i agree but pansy machine wouild be sick