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Obese man.
you can get there brother, i suggest you to work with a dietician. I hope in 5 months you can be roughly 100 kilos again. It's never too late btw I saw you wrote some shit like this, dont even think a...
Obese man.
Great progress for 1 month brother. Do exercises with your diet and stay healthy. Good luck and dont let anybody to make a negative impact on you:)
90s kids come
real 90s kid here, i remember this on the tv much more than other things, right after big poppa past away www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKMtZm2YuBE
Bet with skins
hump de bump
Gf wants 3way with another guy
hahahahahaa now you are talking brother daaaaaam
Gf wants 3way with another guy
it is the best option bro admit it
Gf wants 3way with another guy
Tell her to do 3way with a girl first then dump her afterwards. B I N G O
this bait never gets old
old men gotta get some sleep
ohhh you got some nice choices ther bro
i can understand that people like anime but it is interesting that nobody mention Band of Brothers. I guess we are getting old mate:)
How come nobody mention Band of Brothers?
oskar > woxic
No point of giving all time list. pasha was so good back then but now he cannot mess with woxic i guess, but still he can be better then woxic on the list. Woxic's aim, gameplay and game sense is in a...
sticker predictions?
If people want to resell them for profit then i suppose they know how to do this. So there is no problem because sellers wont go sell them once and down the price
sticker predictions?
I guess so. Some people thinks that furia holo will be the new ibp or titan holo, obviously it is not going to happen. So many of them on the market.