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Turks come here
Name checks out so I think its not worth to argue.
Turks come here
Aim: Xantares Game sense: woxic Also I think woxic is more professional than xantares. its still hard to decide tbh. I choose woxic.
Turkey in sports
Why are you mad bro?
Turkish people come here
Okul açıkken derslerde iyi dinliyordum onun dışında çalışmadım şu ana kadar ama yorumla yapılmayacak konuları bi kaynak bulup okurum sınavdan önce. Asıl sıkıntı felsefe.
Turkish people come here
My tyt results are approximately between 100-110 net Acil tyt mat 32-38 net 3 4 5 tyt turk 33-38 net Bilgi Sarmal tyt fen 15-20 net arası Last time I tried TYT 2018 and my result was 107.5 net I can't...
Turkish people come here
Yeah eventually you're right, we need to move on. Actually I didn't decide it because I feel like none of the jobs attracts me. It seems like I will select medicine because of the job guarantee but it...
Turkish people come here
Yes I'm studying. Actually my aim was top 5k and I was so close to achieve it before the virus things. But then I broke up with my gf 2 months ago while we're in quarentine and when you are in home al...
hardest languages to learn
I can understand that Turkish is pretty hard to learn.
Turkish come here
Because most of Turkish people are too lazy for being good at something. This is the reason.
It was the best map I've ever seen tbh. I played in oilrig too many times with my friends.
Reason vs Ambush
Ez for Turkey5 tbh
Turkey come here
I don't know really
Turkey come here
Ty for selecting me the best Turkey men, bro. I can't wait to show this to my parents. They will be so proud of me :')