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minority in Sweden
You clearly don't know what minority means
imo top 3 hardest bombsites to retake (in current map pool)
dust2 B mirage B cache B inferno A overpass A
GGWP MIBR unluckily lads
GG WP I didn't expect RNG to come out of the Challengers Stage, then I thought they would be out at the Legends Stage. They proved me wrong and put on a show. MIBR playing at this level was a bit too...
Astralis Nuke
it was something close to 20 maps if I remember correctly
SCREAM new Team
I don't see them achieving anything with this roster. Maybe top 30, or borderline top 20, but not more than that
Navi fix
Edward needs to be kicked. He's only there because of his name. Boombl4, buster, somedieyoung, jame and many other players from the CIS region would do better than him.
Navi fix
It's not like s1mple can't rifle, right? My first option would not be Jame, but there are a lot of good players in the CIS region. Edward is playing like shit for a long time. I don't know what is ha...
Top 5 Players
i think twistzz reserve a spot at thetop 5
3DMAX vs Red Reserve
Red Reserve 2.20 to win both maps if I'm not mistaken.
Most Handsome Players
that was sick
PLG Grand Slam
they had to change hotels. the guys from INTZ posted already at the second hotel. i hope there's no mpre delays after this one.
PLG Grand Slam
felps posted on his instagram that he is gonna sleep until it's time tô play. Doesn't look like they're changing hotel. but idk, maybe he wasn't informed yet
r8 me and my friend
That's Neymar and Coutinho