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OpTic vs BIG
Fantastico Optic
STYKO c9 confirmed
GL, styko is too good to be benched, so nice if he can get a seat elsewhere
Imperial vs PACT
Fragsters vs North
Hope for fragsters to win this, north has not yet got their tactics on schedule, where fragsters dont complicate their play, refreshing to watch.
Imperial vs PACT
sure, but it was a danish event where most of the spectators where Danish and public Danish television was broadcasting, so that was what i meant by "Danish scene" , not any particular player :o) PS: ...
Imperial vs PACT
GL Imperial, was impressed with your performance at Copenhagen Games, that was incredible to watch you guys, taking the Danish CS scene by storm. I have an eye on you guys :o)
olof is bad
Its like in every other teamsport... hard to say who's to blame when team is not performing as expected because of the different roles... when its all good times no one being blamed. ;o) I say Fazeup ...
olof is bad
ALL matches in 2018... ah come on... agree they have to do some serious mental work to overcome their chokes in finals....
AGF vs Dead Pixels
GL AGF and enjoy
Karrigan Choke
Short answer is; YES
Karrigan Choke
FaZe struggled vs Mouse and again in the finals. It was against two teams who played a bit similar; Fast and a lot more coordinated. FaZe prob. need to look at the way or style they do things, to take...
gg FaZe champion
FaZe vs SK in finals were my favorite and saw Faze win this, but not sure anymore, C9 seems to have momentum and play with confidence. Think it all comes down to individual kompetences in the finals. ...