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I rate your dream csgo team.
nah i was thinking of putting a solid entry instead like rain or magisk
newfag vs oldfag
Olof playing fpl rn
good hope his issues are resolved and can come back to being a legend
Thorin vs Zeus 1v1
ngl if thooorin won in either would not be suprised
well i fundamentally disagree. when taco left there was a huge impact on cold's game as you can see through the ratings. his rating stayed bad for a few events but every event it slowly rose now his r...
I rate your dream csgo team.
i think it would be more possible with nbk but tbh i'm not sure about the niko pick maybe magisk cos it would make sense role wise and idk if 3 top 3 players were in same team would actually work due ...
I rate your dream csgo team.
s1mple cold karrigan xyp/nbk niko
Is this a joke?
honestly they should of gone out in groups but they are clearly putting in some practice
Which 1050 Ti should I get?
u are welcome
Which 1050 Ti should I get?
cos then the 1050 goes down in price or the 1150 (or whatever its called) is much better for a similar price
nerf s1mple
zeus is a shit igl
Which 1050 Ti should I get?
don't wait until new gpus comeout (in a few months)
nerf s1mple
yes but navi should be considering all the other talent and veterans and not to mention the best player. what i was asking was that why can't zeus who u consider to be a good igl not do anything with ...
-boltz +s1mple WHY NOT?
need support players not star power they already have good fraggers and a lot of star power
nerf s1mple
guardian went completely missing in that lineup and said he lost motivation to play so that seems more like personal issues so it was the s1mple show but obviously not to this extent.