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why do whte ppl want to say n***a so much?
fan of shroud. Pls never come back to HLTV
Rate my country
Haha what? A German praising Poland govt? You want your 1st world country to be like 3rd world Poland?
Rate my country
You're from Poland you can't be superior hahaha. Your job is to clean toilets in UK
Ryzen question
I have ryzen 1600 + gtx 1070 and i get amazing performance in all games i have played. Even csgo bcs i play csgo in low settings low resoultion still i get more than 200fps and mostly above 300fps. A...
Fallen caught s1mple
Bye bye from HLTV. See you in major 2028.
Major Finals Ranked
SK and Luminosity major finals were bad bcs it was too ez for them to win. Smurfing against Navi and TL.
Fornite too hard
Yes i downloaded yesterday as well and only plated 3 matches yet. Everytime i spawn someone rush me with gun and kill me, and once i died in some trap which idk what it is.
I guess ur rank
22 Canada SK Gaming 2600 You tell me M9 bayonet doppler phase 4 & butterfly vanilla
Addiction help
i emailed csgolotto i think 2 yrs ago that i have addiction block me and they blocked my steam id
Addiction help
Email the websites you use to block your account. That's what i did in 2015
about racism
+1 rare sight of a smart man in HLTV
about racism
Germany = rich country Poland = toilet cleaners in UK. Hmmmm
about racism
Ryzen vs intel, what is more futureproof?
Look up benchmarks then. Even i7 7th gens were running 100% on AC origins. Don't reply unless you look at benchmarks.
R8 THIS GIRL [18+]