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added, even on steam
not obvious to me im dump sorry :))))), still id like to play with you if possible time to time why not if you are up to it
I am not toxic regardless how my life sucks, but okay
fct lvl 9-10 its balancing, english is fine, not toxic(hate toxic attitude), my life sucks
your eye color?
blue/gray with dark gray circles around
i5 vs i7 pls come
I guess yeah, I dont understand why would you cheer so hard for a company anyway, I myself am amd fan but I dont have nothing against intel, and ofc given the chance both companies would prefer screwi...
i5 vs i7 pls come 13:35 mb by calculator its 4% behind i9 10990k and 11% ahead of 10600k and if csgo and league of legends would be included the difference would be b...
i5 vs i7 pls come
according to hardware unboxed, gamers nexus the 5600x matches i9 10900k sometimes even beating it in stock settings no memory tweaks no all core oc or anything or like from the 11 game average its lik...
do genetics matter?
weird I had my peek best 200 avg and most of my life 220-260 avg and that said I play fps games for 16years now :D shit genetics man yes I used to train it a lot
do genetics matter?
bro my reaction time after 18 years of gaming is very bad what more to say when someone who is casual outreacts me
Why you dont go to gym?
used to, but have nerve problems so I cant
No SLAVS come help pls
Wow, cool
No SLAVS come help pls
Are you sure that many czechs dont understand you? :O never met a situation like that, only if czech was talking to some eastern dialects in slovakia yeah then its not understandable at all
No SLAVS come help pls
everybody is saying something different idk speaking for myself I dont understand polish people almost at all like 90% 10% I can luckily understand yeah and even if I understand the word it has differ...