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Rookie of the year?
or Michael Jordan
Rookie of the year?
Luka Doncic
mic problem
mic problem
mic problem
Haha, I know but I am not a hardcore gamer and I need mac for my work. One day when I have more money I am willing to buy a nice PC!
mic problem
I am a mac user, checked all options in settings and still not working :(
mic problem
Lol, very nice tip. I am using space to use mic btw
Dude you are insane! Thank you very much for spending time writing all this interesting stuff!
Congrats device
When people will make difference between the most talented player and the best player of a certain year?? Talent wise s1mple is over dev1ce, but best player of the year is a player who won tournament...
Well, what are the subjects you are learning, is it interesting etc. tell me whatever you feel will be useful to me
cheated on my gf
Tbh your relationship is done a long time ago. From my personal experience ( I had a similar situation with my ex we were 3 and a half years and she was always finding excuses to not have sex for a mo...
Astralis not #1
Insert other excuse Hahaha, I was 100% sure you are going to answer this. It is pointless to talk with people like you.
Astralis not #1
Oh my god, I still cannot understand how some of you can be that disrespectful, I am 100% you are trolling and only posting this topics to get some attention. Calling probably the best cs go team in t...
Congratulations Astralis
Finally one guy who can be respectful. Thank you my friend! If this forum has more people like you it will be a very nice place, sadly it isn't. By the way Liquid is an amazing team and I hope they ca...