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r8 malding bra71lian
who cars
Furia = friend and professionalism.
Quite a lot of ex-mibr fans do because they become the best of Brazil while they were still playing
Faze +who?
If they are planning on waiting for a few more months with Honda as 5th to give him a "second" chance in the future than I think its a bad move, because if Junior isnt ready enough to play for Furia, ...
Furia tacitus is a bad sign
Im more worried about what this implicates (junior staying)
Furia tacitus is a bad sign
From what I have seen thats Just not gonna be enough
Furia tacitus is a bad sign
Thats what im worried about
Coldzera to GODSENT
always nice to see TACOLD, but i dont see cold wanting to join GODSENT project's... he probably wants to join a tier 1 team so he can get results fast
FURIA coldzera
Junior said on a recent interview that on CT side Art and Guerri are giving him total freedom to do what he wants and its still clearly not enough... he should just go back to a NA team, so maybe feel...
they have one and its called Kscerato... not saying that -Junior +Cold would be bad though, -Junior +anyone should be an upgrade
Fúria cold
Im really 50/50 about this... part of me thinks that cold could bring experience, calm and the second caller abiliity that Furia has been missing a lot lately and that could be enough for them to beca...
Junior is good
That could take months If not years to happen, and its not even a certain that would work, Just not worth the risk when they have a much safer option (+Safee)
Junior is good
He is not only going up a tier but also going for a team from another country that speaks another language, something that even experienced players struggles with