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ENCE vs Izako Boars
How ence are losing to this shitters?
Chaos vs ENCE
Don't tell me Twista will be playing for Allu
Winstrike vs NoChance
Pizdec, ya ne znayu, chto waylander zabil v Winstrike. Stolko talanta na CIS scene, a oni dershat ego.
HAVU vs x-kom
And this fucking team won against ForZe..
ENCE vs Winstrike
Nah. Ez 2-0 for Ence. Winstrike can only play 2 maps - Train and Dust II.
NiP vs Winstrike
Why did NiP choose to play Train instead of Mirage against Winstrike? Like there's literally no reason for this.
NoChance vs Tricked
Because they almost won it. IF not this stupid ninja defuse, or a stupid 3v2 against cz, or a lost round against 5 mp9
NoChance vs Tricked
FFS i'm done with this rigged shit. Tricked are so fucking bad, why the fuck organizers even invite this shitters that can only lose to ecos, and lose to a terrorist with 10 seconds to work with.
Nemiga vs DreamEaters
Alright, was wrong. DE are just bad on T side.
Nemiga vs DreamEaters
That's a throw. If even Windigo players are receiving some throw offers, how many offers do you think some tier-3 CIS teams are receiving every day?
Nemiga vs DreamEaters
How to lose to Nemiga: Step 1) Lose 4v2 with a planted bomb Step 2) Lose 4v1 to a fucking AUG Step 3) Let the last remaining player plant the bomb in a 3v1 situation in the 2nd pistol round. Step 4) L...
eUnited vs Ghost
15-0 on a ct-side for Ghost inc. xD
eUnited vs Ghost
Nice Ghost. That's how you do it. No info about Koosta and that's a goodbye to my money.
G2 vs forZe
5 v 3 at 14-14 and you still lose. G2 needs to fucking disband this roster.
Sprout vs Spirit
Spirit 0-3 inc.