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TI 8 Hype!!
Who cares? ResidentSleeper esport. CSGO best esport .
describe your perfect gf
name checks out btw.
describe your perfect gf
Are you pulling these IQ numbers outta ur ass? And FYI there is no such thing as average iq, because you simply can't not average iq. And sure, Africans still live in huts and can't build cites, Like...
last time u cried
Nothing. But seriously you only see this shit with Western Civilization, where these animals are seen regularly in the public, allowed in houses and other facilities, also people spend some much money...
describe your perfect gf
-1 for doesn't smoke
describe your perfect gf
"The only reason we tolerate them is because they are good entertainment " What a retarded. Like you and your delusional white supremacists can do anything about it.
last time u cried
It just a dog. When will ya people stop treating animals such as dogs and cats whom you call "pets" like a human being. These are just fkn animals and they don't belong in your house, and are NOT you...
i am top student in turkey.
Cool story. Now go make some Kebab.
Dota 2 The International 2018
Mobas are boring to watch. No esport is as exciting as csgo.
CS players losers ?
You're just jelly kid. They earn so much, they already secured cars, properties and whole lot more.
Does Snus get you high, or what does it do?
Do you care about graphics in cs?
I don't think it's related to fps since all pros have good computers, they just prefer low graphics idk why
Best CSGO res?????!!!!!?????!!!!!???
rip eyes.
Their Asian CEO idk his name is an asshole.
Who has the highest salary in cs go
If S1mple was smart enough, he would be making more than he currently is and could possibly be the highest paid csgo player.