About me at Counter-Strike:

Well, I started playing Counter-Strike in September 2000, the game shocked me, i liked it very much and I started to play it very often. I discovered the gaming sense of Counter-Strike in winter 2001 during the CPL Winter.
My, lets say, CV in Counter-Strike:

5th place at a local LAN (in Satu-Mare city) (6-7 September, 2008)
4th place at a local LAN (in Oradea city) (2008) - this was my toughest LAN untill now, strong teams from Romania came at the LAN
2nd place at a local LAN (in Oradea city) (2007)
2nd place at a local LAN (in Oradea city) (2007)
5th place at a local LAN (in Satu-Mare city) (2007)
4th place at a local LAN (in Arad city) (2005)

Settings in Counter-Strike:

Windows acceleration: x (none)
Windows sensitivity: 5/11
In game sensitivity: 1.4

//CS 1.6 medium crosshair
cl_color "2"
cl_crosshair_drawoutline "1"
cl_crosshair_outlinethickness "1"
cl_crosshaircolor "0"
cl_crosshairdot "0"
cl_crosshairgap "0"
cl_crosshairscale "0"
cl_crosshairsize "3"
cl_crosshairstyle "4"
cl_crosshairthickness "1"
cl_crosshairusealpha "255"

//weapon viewmodel
viewmodel_fov "65"
viewmodel_offset_x "2"
viewmodel_offset_y "2"
viewmodel_offset_z "-2"
viewmodel_presetpos "0"
Forum posts
presidency system with election was in Romania too during the socialism, and the socialist candidate who was the same every time, was winning with 99.9% of the votes
Temperature where you live atm?
Oradea, Romania, -6 atm
eoL Team 3D mTw 69N-28E Alternate ATTAX SoA old SK with allen, walle, etc old fnatic Begrip e-STRO
Best footballer in your country?
he "died" as a promise
Best footballer in your country?
Nicolae Stanciu (ex. Steaua, he got transferred to Anderlecht today) Denis Alibec (Astra Giurgiu) Florin Andone (Deportivo la Coruna)
iPhone 5S?
SE is really one of their best products, 6 and 6S were total fails. But not trying to give them some credit, I know the kekphone sux.
iPhone 5S?
SE has exactly same specs as 6S
ESL One Istanbul 2017
if they plant a bomb you already know what code to enter to defuse it
France 2:1 Romania
he's a world class quality player, his mentality just needs to be fixed, that's all No Kappa
France 2:1 Romania
No way, Stancu did absolutely nothing, Sanmartean should have played instead of him, even though he's very old, but at least he's world class.
France 2:1 Romania
no, Romania had 2 huge chances at the beginning of the second half. About the 2nd goal... it's an outstanding goal, very beautiful. GGWP
Stanciu (10) and Sanmartean (18) are our class players, but Sanmartean is too old... Florin Andone is also in form at his club (best striker in Segunda) but he wasn't always that good at the national ...
nice b8 m8
top-3 worst map
Worst: 1. Nuke (new) 2. Dust 2 3. Overpass Best: 1. Train 2. Mirage 3. Inferno/Cache