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I recognize that. However, there are a lot more people in the US who give it a bad name than Canada.
Anti-Trump supporters are all braindead
I have traveled around the world a decent amount. Through my travels I have found that Europeans do not like my family and I because they think we are American. The minute we tell them we are Canadian...
fix: twitch muted tab stop playing
this worked +1 If you are using chrome (I don't know how much it differs with other browsers), right-click on the tab and select "mute site" option. It does not pause the stream.
Guess pro name
Correction Starts with 'b' and ends with 'u'.
wt f happen with xizt
Xizt failed at coaching his and Get Right's soccer player to win in a 1v1 aim map. Get Right said they would have to fire Xizt. He was serious LUL
Fapping Experts
Globals must fap at least 4 times a day
Ex-NiP Team Ideas
decent looking team
Ex-NiP Team Ideas
Pronax igl I assume. What role is Xizt playing?
R8 my new Gloves
I cri :(
Ex-NiP Team Ideas
I'm talking about making a new team from free agents/players who want to join better teams, not remaking NiP
Ex-NiP Team Ideas
I said give criticism and changes.
R8 my new Gloves
pls gift a p250 sand dunerino
countries by tier
Most of those aren't countries. Also Mexico is in North America. Sweden is part of the European Union. Australia is part of Oceania. And the Middle East is part of Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Gun Control
I'm not quite sure how uneducated you are on the matter, but in US they will give anyone a gun without screening basically. There are banks that will give you a rifle if you open an account with them....