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m0NSEY school???
Yea, this is once in a lifetime oppurtunity. There are people at my college who are 40+, there is plenty of time for him to go back when he is done
m0NSEY school???
Dude if your making that much money as a kid. As long as you don't throw it away and play for a decent while. That' money should last for years. I would drop out asap if I was given an offer like that
2022 Vitality on paper is even better than 2018 FaZe
Honestly the only reason I have some hope is the fact they have Zonic. He is still the best coach in the world right now.
2022 Vitality on paper is even better than 2018 FaZe
Even prime forms I don't imagine communication will be great. That's my main concern. You can't just click and shoot like teams used to
olofmeister going to VALORANT?
Before he returned to faze this was rumored. I hope it doesn't happen. But who knows.
A couple years ago every one of these posts would have g1ave. Times really changed
g2 ?????????????
They probably think it will work out better long term. Right now it's mostly the Niko show. And maybe they think Aleksib can get more out of the rest of the roster.
NBK returns to Counter-Strike with MOUZ
Exactly. Last time mouz was doing well they had a veteran in Karrigan and ChrisJ. This last mouz had ropz who was their main experience. Which isn't nearly enough. It's needs some veteran involvement
NBK returns to Counter-Strike with MOUZ
Your right lmao. Typo. Ngl I forgot azk existed for a minute
NBK returns to Counter-Strike with MOUZ
Basically only reason I don't hate NBK coming back. Is mouz needs a veteran presence on this roster. Ngl if NBK shits the bed I wouldn't mind olof on it. If nexa doesn't last on OG he could be good on...
NBK returns to Counter-Strike with MOUZ
Only one I'm not 100% on is Mantuu. But if buying OG players may as well get them both at the same time