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Casters and zywoo
Unironically read, nice read.
your hours in cs go
I got like 2k for like 4 years of the game lol. Some guy i know started this year and has like 900
It's legit on the twitter, its the 21st. https://twitter.com/LuciferNetflix?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
FaZe kicked Bymas
It looks like he is gone, this came out a couple of weeks ago. https://win.gg/news/4871/faze-clan-reportedly-looking-to-add-alex-from-team-vitality Along with the fact he has bottom fragged every game...
I just ended Witcher 3 with both DLCs
We all played it separately at the same time and shared our screens and experienced it together.
I just ended Witcher 3 with both DLCs
I need to play it, i started it and just started to get into it. Then i went and played skyrim with friends. It looked cool though.
Hard to rank Furia because they are playing NA like Liquid and MIBR and EG
trump > biden?
Like they are equal, but trump winning would hard troll retarded Democrats. So idc
? https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2315935/faze-16-9-de-inferno
FaZe fans kkkkkkkkkkkk
Man I was lowkey happy when they lost lol. But Mouz and Liquid have been playing worse.
FaZe fans kkkkkkkkkkkk
Them being #7 is less about them being better, and more about the teams above them being worse.
Idk, I saw Nel say it was free. But I also saw this. Doesn't really matter though tbh lol. https://twitter.com/dekay/status/1179045610361483265
Pretty sure i heard they didn't get them free.
0,8 k/d excuses
You could use a magnet.