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this says a lot about our society and yet we live in one
yea but the way how you earn those money makes you a some sort of human. 2 persons can make 1 mil but one does it by studying then getting high payed job and morally this is fine, the other will just ...
this says a lot about our society and yet we live in one
its starting to be, the clown world cases are multiplying like a virus, im afraid whats gonna world look like in 10-15-20 yrs. I imagine your carrer will be ruined after you say/share on internet anyt...
this says a lot about our society and yet we live in one
-1 its definitely not ok
rmr investing
You know that Germany has few universities in top 100? mr biased man If you wanna spend all your money for other unis its up to you but trashtalking germany for this is dumb (same as paying my whole ...
if nitr0 stayed in cs
EG with nitro would actually win something
Nancy Pelosi
I didnt expect to have sudden laugh +1 mens :D
first map you played
how can i find out? i play cs from 2015 so i dont remember
United States vs Europe
Definitely but still there is so much other stuff you could pull on germans (that US doesnt have) instead of immigration :D
Saving CSGO
esports scene is now in good shape you have even so many t3- tournies which wouldnt exist if the game wasnt in good shape, also top teams are now changing so its not boring like astralis era for examp...
United States vs Europe
Wow what a fix like if US doesnt have problems with immigration ehm ehm someone wanted even build a wall because of that
United States vs Europe
Also Central europe is not Eastern Europe wtf mens :D Central Europe is by far the best part of Europe change my mind, balance between poor/rich and western problems like gender,racism,terrorist attac...
United States vs Europe
Well in Asia you have China, Tibet, KLDR and South Asia is really poor (Vietnam, Cambodia etc) so that kinda takes it down for them West Asia sure, East and South Asia I would put behind US every day
Well they are good candidates to make it in UEFA finals so idk woudlnt that save them? as a starting point from all those losses in PL
United States vs Europe
Central Europe > Eastern Europe > Balkans > Western Europe > US > Oceania > Asia > South America > Africa