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mousesports vs fnatic
I still think that mousesports is strong team! Their spot should be a top 5!!
Benfica Youth
People here in Portugal try to overrate Benfica youth academy. That's because they want to sell the young players to the top teams in Europe for a bigger price than what they actually worth! For exam...
shittest career?
Spiidi Sixer jdm Maikelele Tenzki Edward Cajunb Ange1
mibr will win all events this month
I hope they get the one at Sao Paulo, its a home event so they will get support! The other LAN's I dont believe they will win. Right now, anything but Astralis I would be happy!
Soon Astralis will come up with a glitch of this update. #Astracheat
fuck astrailis
Can't agree more, Astralis makes csgo so boring and uninteresting. Without them this major would be so much more competitive ...
Big Clan is joke
Someone has to go 0-3 ... If it was Ence, you'd say "Oh Ence really sucks"
Best crowd in 2018?
Portuguese crowd is just on another level.
TOP 20 PLAYERS OF 2018: #11
Astralis killing CS
This game generates money thanks to the fans. And right now fans are not happy about Astralis dominance. This business might go upside down ...
Astralis ruined CS
Astralis abuse
Astralis ruined CS
It's just annoying to see Astralis play ... they kill throught smokes all the time, play in pussy corners and win rounds with cz. I think some people are tired of this and start wondering to stop watc...
Faze disband if 0-3?
+ Cromen - Olof Everyone saw in that tournment the frag potential that cromen increases to Faze Clan. Faze needs to be back in the top 3 teams, like they were normally.