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Global Elite
you literally described the definition of a boosted player ( you in 2016 )
Global Elite
thats how you actually master the game because you have extra shit to deal with when you play with randoms. but its almost 2019 who dafuq plays casual cs anyways , not to mention competitive matchma...
Internet speed
i laugh at those speeds , here he had those speeds in late 90's but internet is the only thing this country has world class level.
10/10 girl
he's probably a virgin so for him its a 10/10
Device #3
ok , i agree with that.
Device #3
this is such a bad analysis.
Device #3
obviously , and also doesnt have the qualities necessary so how can you say that people overrate him because he's got a "less" important role ? get it now ?
Device #3
thats a stupid logic , you rate somebody by how well he's doing his job , no matter the job you can be a 10/10 if you do it efficiently and ace it. and the simple counter argument is to just try to ...
Astralis hate
you forgot that cs is and always been a team game.
Astrails + era?
"they say Astrails are boring? no its because your favored teams cant compete and give Astrails a good game your the boring ones.. step up and match them." agreed , its the competition duty to raise ...
Cs is no longer exciting.
astralis era
exactly , GOD tier cs
astralis era
astralis is so much better than any other team. they make tier 1 teams look like rookies and tier 2 teams look like amateurs i think its the fist time a team truly reached GOD tier fnatic wasnt this...
Astralis vs MIBR
3. MIBR picked Train OMEGALUL