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IEM Katowice Major 2019 Quarter-final #1
QF seeding #1 seed: highest seeded 3-0 team #2 seed: lowest seeded 3-0 team #3 seed: highest seeded 3-1 team #4 seed: middle seeded 3-1 team #5 seed: lowest seeded 3-1 team #6 seed: highest seeded 3-2...
IEM Katowice Major 2019 Quarter-final #1
RNG vs Mibr 2-1 RNG
Harry Pottter or LOTR
Harry Pottter or LOTR
I honestly think GoT is better than both Harry Potter and LOTR. Couldn't tell you which I prefer out of HP and LOTR, though.
Harry Pottter or LOTR
Why are people underestimating NaVi?
We knew ;)
Renegades vs Vitality
Yeah the fuckn boys!
Renegades vs Vitality
Vitality remove Train Renegades remove Overpass Vitality pick Dust2 Renegades pick Mirage Vitality remove Cache Renegades remove Nuke Inferno is left over RNG 2-1
Astralis vs Renegades
GG Astralis, well deserved. The amount of amazing reads they had on ct sides was unbelievable. The fact that none of the other top teams have looked very convincing yet in this major makes me wonder i...
Dumbest veto. Avangar just scared Liquid on this map and then NRG let them play it again. They're warmed up for Overpass already and showing good form on it, just play a different map.
ENCE vs Renegades
Wasn't bait, but ok
ENCE vs Renegades
Maybe 12 months ago. Rain has been bottom fragging for FaZe for ages now LUL
ENCE vs Renegades
That T side from renegades was so uncoordinated as far as timing and using map control and exploiting weak parts of the defence. Guess they were just trolling me in the challengers stage.
ENCE vs Renegades
This guy introducing the teams is so cringe. Sounds constipated.
Major Pickems | Legends
3-0 Liquid Astralis Mibr Faze Navi NRG Big RNG 0-3 Complexity