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send me 10$ to paypal
might as well forget ever using that e-mail address again, im signing it up for every free gay porn site your dad told me about.
MIBR vs Envy
EZ for sleazy stew
c9 pls sign kennyS
Ok, so please tell me why he can't igl right now. His fragging is below team average, they have young talent that needs guidance and they need an english speaking igl since krystal is only a temp. Mak...
c9 pls sign kennyS
And being a pro player you don't think he knows this?
c9 pls sign kennyS
So we are to think he has become stupider in two years instead of smarter? That is not how it works when you devote time and effort to one specific thing.
c9 pls sign kennyS
You know Hiko called for liquid right, and they made it to the grandfinals at ESL one cologne in 2016 with him doing the IGL. So your point is invalid.
c9 pls sign kennyS
some of this i think will happen. draken yesm rush replaces krystal on Rouge auti replaces taco on liquid as to who they bring in to replace rush/auti i don't know but it does seem like C9 want a sw...
NRG vs Cloud9
C9 doesn't have a chance, disband.
r8 my real gf
6/8 she had the decency to show some tibby.
Envy vs Liquid
It's just splyce with 2 mediocre awpers, EZ lqd
i am sick
Hot peppers boost heart health, also they are good for sore throat and get your blood pumping. My 80yr old grandfather swears by them for flu/colds, i use them now when i get sick and i feel much bett...
i am sick
Eat hot peppers and go jogging.
New Operation this week?
No operation. Just more skins and bullshit. Valve couldn't give a shit about new content besides skins, they know people will come back for skins. I always thought CS even from 1.6 was toxic just beca...
Iconic Duo ? :O
Forever Sad KennyS
Thoughts on the new Envyus?
Envyus is the new Splyce, forever tier 5.