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Low sens question
I'd suggest finding a nice middle ground that you can practice getting use too. Constantly switching your dpi/res/sens will throw your game off a lot because of muscle memory.
Funny thing about past witch hunts is they usually end up killing the target, so it's fitting.
Thats only the Defamation Case she has against Trump not the NDA//Hush money case that is the real issue.
NA&SA Shuffle
Did you just put all these names in a fucking hat and pick them, easily some of the worst line ups i've ever seen here.
Old Guys Club vs eUnited
Ez 4 Ex-C9 and Live action jabba the hut.
My bad, you are acquitted.
Imagine being so famous you could kill two people and get away with it.
FNX mibr confirmed
Thats a big OOF
Best 80's music group?
Killing Joke -
KNG to MiBR is going to happend in next few days
Fugly is better than Tarik by far, Fugly can close out clutch situation whereas tarik almost always chokes. Stats wise they are about the same. Stewie meh he's better than fugly but his attitude is sh...
KNG to MiBR is going to happend in next few days
Lets say this actually happens, there is no way NRG would pick up that trash and ruin what they have been working hard at with the current line up.
Best kick in history?
Not sure if it's the best but it is for sure the funniest.
USA - "best country in the world"
"There are many who are good people, that will do honest work, but many want to rape, steal, and murder." You can say this about any large group of people and it would be true not just for immigrants...
Fakeflag fakethread