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best of nu-metal
They aren't "Metal" either in the traditional sense, Avant-Gard at best.
best of nu-metal
#1 20x13 #2 20x12 Thats why they look strange.
stop eating alot !
I only eat pussy so im good.
rank after 2k hours?
2k hours DMG, I don't have a normal group to MM with, could be higher but i always get matched with people still pointing at the ground.
Europe Sleeping
Sleep well Tea Cups :*
M4 balancing suggestion
Reduce M4 cost somewhere closer to the AK and add an Under Barrel Shotgun attachment and keep current cost with that on the M4, 1-2 shots. I like the nade launcher idea but it would be over kill. ht...
hltv admin
You can't even spell "good" for fucks sake i doubt it was anything more than a shit post.
elige's gf using him !!!!!
favorite rap song
18+ #banpitbulls
It's all about how you raise the animal, If you're an asshole and violent towards it thne it will see that as normal. Assholes should not own dogs.
Porn Is Bad!
loaded jacked off to it.
Antifa stabs guy because of his haircut
The fake article would have to stay in order for the actual account to make sense.
Antifa stabs guy because of his haircut
Fucking trump supporters can't even spot actual fake news, Inbred cousin fuckers lol.
Alex Jones banned
Pushing what exactly? Is someone on your local news saying "Hey Mohammad, you should fuck another mans ass" If thats the case i'd call the station. There are a lot of gay people, and i've never ran in...