Hello Comrades!

I was using PutinBlyatoglu nick on everywhere for 4 years, I've changed it to KomradeElmoBlyatoglu cuz why not. The nickname was ofc a joke but I actually like Vladimir Putin's actions(except removing the internet) and his personality.
I'm an 18-year-old food engineering student living in Istanbul/Turkey. I'm against Erdogan and I'm supporting centre-left party called CHP which is a party that Ataturk established. Even though I'm leftist, I hate SJW. I have an ok life in here and I don't live in a desert.
I like singleplayer story-based games so my favourite game is GTA San Andreas. I also enjoy playing sports games and online shooters but I play them casually...maybe that's why I'm silver.
I usually listen to old school rap, classic rock and hard rock. Scorpions, AC/DC and Rammstein are my favourite bands. My favourite rapper is Ice Cube.
Like %99 of the Turks, I watch football and I'm a fan of Galatasaray and Liverpool. I also like basketball but I don't watch it too much. I'm also in a licenced Orienteering team (I'm doing it casually in a low category so nothing special).
I'm VP fan from the beginning but I'll also support the team where woxic and tarik is.
I don't have a kebab shop mens)) sorry for that. I'm too intelligent for that shit(unlike most of Turkey).
I can speak Turkish and English only(HAH, WHAT A 3RD WORLD NOOB), but I'm learning Italian.

Btw I've joined +10k comments club at 17th of January 2020 15:53, no useless bumps. Thx everyone...aaaand I got banned for saying Spaghetti


For western spies who don't know who Komrade Elmo is:
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i'll make your day better
Hi, I'm on Physics lesson right now but I'm on back row and can't hear shit cuz proffesor talks too silently and with a shitty accent(in English).
Project A the Death of CS:GO ?
It's more like"Valve drove TF2 on an edge of a cliff and Overwatch just pushed it with a finger.". They were already fucked up, OW made it a little faster
UBI / Andew Yong
The engineer that determines and calculates every aspect of food: taste, packaging, process etc.
Yang ends campaign
Bernie should make him VP or ez for Trump. He'd get lots of Republican votes because he was first democrat to say "Trump was not the problem, he was the symptom. We should focus on the problem and try...
The most dangerous city in your country
Then New Zealand is sheep shaggers and buff Rugby players only. Where do I sign up?
The most dangerous city in your country
Some where in the South East cuz 1-Border with Syria and Iraq 2- Active zone of PKK
UBI / Andew Yong
Bruh, we get that lesson too. As a FOOD FUCKING ENGINEER LUL
UBI / Andew Yong
An economic Student that can't manage his own money tells people how to manage money.
London in May
For what? If for holiday, I'd prefer a Mediterranean country.
"Be grateful for what you have'
You should find the middle ground. You'll only become a piece of shit and all of your good morals with that greed. But when you be greatful about everything, you'll become just a fool.
NBA 2020 awards prediction
Conference final at best I say. I think weak guards and weak bench will become a problem for them at this level.
NBA 2020 awards prediction
shit bench went 1-6 against top3 teams from each conference
Your town
Hell yea 😎 Tell 12th graders:"82. dönem poları daha iyiydi len mq"