Hello Comrades!

I was using PutinBlyatoglu nick on everywhere for 4 years, I've changed it to KomradeElmoBlyatoglu cuz why not. The nickname was ofc a joke but I actually like Vladimir Putin's actions(except removing the internet) and his personality.
I'm an 18-year-old food engineering student living in Istanbul/Turkey. I'm against Erdogan and I'm supporting centre-left party called CHP which is a party that Ataturk established. Even though I'm leftist, I hate SJW. I have an ok life in here and I don't live in a desert.
I like singleplayer story-based games so my favourite game is GTA San Andreas. I also enjoy playing sports games and online shooters but I play them casually...maybe that's why I'm silver.
I usually listen to old school rap, classic rock and hard rock. Scorpions, AC/DC and Rammstein are my favourite bands. My favourite rapper is Ice Cube.
Like %99 of the Turks, I watch football and I'm a fan of Galatasaray and Liverpool. I also like basketball but I don't watch it too much. I'm also in a licenced Orienteering team (I'm doing it casually in a low category so nothing special).
I'm VP fan from the beginning but I'll also support the team where woxic and tarik is.
I don't have a kebab shop mens)) sorry for that. I'm too intelligent for that shit(unlike most of Turkey).
I can speak Turkish and English only(HAH, WHAT A 3RD WORLD NOOB), but I'm learning Italian.

Btw I've joined +10k comments club at 17th of January 2020 15:53, no useless bumps. Thx everyone


For western spies who don't know who Komrade Elmo is:
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