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Brazil and CS
is it racism, when you look for what brazilians do, and judge them and ignore that europeans here are doing the same, you say they do what theydo for being brazilians, and not for being hltv users. S...
Brazil and CS
so to someup, you re european, talking about education, but you don´t look a smart person
Brazil and CS
80% of all hltv users are not polite, educated or what so ever. But since you´re racist, your focus is in what brazilians do, in fact of realizing br heres just act like any other user, except for jon...
Brazil and CS
what? have u just read what i said
I think it was awesome If i were space soldiers player, i would feel a football player going to play as visitant. I would love that
lmao argentina speaking hahahahahah
500$ on sk
so sorry
Coldzera beast
last year, they were debating about niko or cold, s1mple wasn´t even part of debate.
Coldzera beast
I agree with you, a poll here will never being impartial, there are a lot of hate against brazilians. But this year, S1mple is probably better, last year the debate was Niko x Cold. So it doesn´t matt...
Coldzera beast
yeah, but calling him baiter, is for haters or idiots
only brain dead kids, think this. They are kids, if you say comunism will make everyone rich, they just believe it.
fer played worse than boltz at chace tbh
in fact, we are probably commenting pointless stuff, but this is how hltv enviroment is, they should understand, if we leave here, forum would be dead.
Yes, i realize admins are more tough in the last 3 weeks. Bans out of nowhere
He died